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Delivering complex, highly interconnected services demands secure data ecosystems. Just start yours and scale with IOTICS




IOTICSpace enables secure, trusted data interactions in evolving ecosystems for everything and everyone, in real-time, at scale.

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Improve productivity, reduce waste, proactively maintain & manage assets, and deliver net zero with securely accessible data, assets, services and facilities.

IOTICS enables organisations to create a composable business roadmap, by brokering interactions from the Edge to the Enterprise, providing Actionable Insights for data that is ‘of interest’.
- Fujitsu

Initially, we just created a digital twin of the propulsion system. But we quickly realized that we offer our customers much greater added value if we create a twin of the entire ecosystem in which our products operate across our company boundaries.

- Rolls-Royce Power Systems

We have all this equipment on sites, but no information about it… use it anywhere. Many of [the suppliers] offer us an app to monitor their bit of kit, but that’s not much use to us. The value of the IOTICS approach is that it’s made it easy for the team to connect different applications and help them work together.

- BAM Nuttall

Interoperate with Confidence

IOTICS’ technology, IOTICSpace, enables digital ecosystems of assets – people, places, processes or things – to interoperate, within and beyond organisational boundaries with security and confidence.

Communities become digitally enabled as diverse data sources become discoverable, data silos become a web of sources and assets become interactive services.

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Twins are created for sources and consumers of data. Interactions are enabled through semantics. Data is not duplicated but becomes securely FAIR

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Find out more about how IOTICSpace is enabling condition-based monitoring and enabling the creation of new value and data products from legacy systems

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Knowledge workers waste 50% of their time hunting for data.


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Today asset data is stored in many disparate systems and it is difficult to assess the condition, and model when interventions are required. Gaps in data can be unclear when matching across disparate systems, and where data is processed only when reporting, business opportunities for efficiency in asset maintenance and performance are missed. 

IOTICSpace allows you to simplify and coordinate this data, creating a scalable ecosystem of secure data interactions.


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