News 28 Jul 2021 by Fabrizio Cannizzo

“How can Asset B prove that data coming from Twin A has actually be generated by Asset A?”

Digital twins  offer opportunities for autonomous data interactions  across ecosystems of partners, but virtualisation raises challenges around provenance and trust. 

IOTICS are leading the way in advancing digital twin technology, making inaccessible data accessible enabling safe, confident interactions for anyone, between anything.

Join us at this webinar to learn more about digital twin technology, the innovative solutions IOTICS are delivering, and how MULTOS can be integrated to enhance security.

As a member of the MULTOS Consortium, IOTICS has worked with MULTOS Ltd to prove out device to Digital Twin to Digital Twin Ecosystem security. MULTOS produces a secure chip with an encrypted unique ID. Using IOTICSpace, the unique ID of the chipped device and the Decentralised ID of its Digital Twin were cryptographically linked and any data payload was only accepted if these immutable keys matched. This established data provenance through the certainty that data available from the Digital Twin was definitely from that device. As Twins only communicate with other Digital Twins for which a brokered interaction is established, this perpetuates the data lineage between twins and within an Ecosystem of related Digital Twins since there is certainty about the origin of the data. Data is trustworthy, authentic, from a proven source and processed by a known endpoint. 

Such a solution prevents malicious meddling in autonomous systems, such as the cyber-attack on a waterworks in which an external actor modified the levels of chemicals used to treat the water. With instructions only accepted from Digital Twins of known, proven entities, an external actor cannot issue commands or otherwise impact the system. It also cannot mimic a device or otherwise try to trick the system, since the solution will only allow transfer of data or controls if provenance is proven by the dual-key approach.


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