Data for ‘Good’ But what is good?

IOTICS recently launched our Data for Good sponsorship programme. But before you reach out to us at what does IOTICS count as ‘Good’?

Data for Good 17 Nov 2021 by IOTICS News


“Challenges like reducing carbon emissions to net-zero and making society resilient to the physical effects of climate change are systemic and require systems-based solutions. And technology now makes systems-based thinking and action possible”

– Centre for Digital Built Britain

At IOTICS we agree wholeheartedly with this.  We see a coalition of like minded organisations and communities, striving to make data more accessible, interoperable and reusable, to share information and best practice, and to explore how new technologies can change our world for the better. We want to do more to support these organisations and communities and as such are investing in our Data For Good Programme. Solving the world’s problems starts with the small. It starts with looking at what is achievable today and not getting lost in the details. 

So, what is ‘good’ to IOTICS?

At IOTICS, we want to work with people who share our vision and values. We could play with the semantics of it but the bottom line is: we believe that in order to succeed in the digital world we need to work together, like we would in the physical world.  

Cooperation is critical to success, but the use cases that can be exemplar of ‘good’ are diverse. Some projects may include a direct impact on making the world a better place – especially with the climate themed use cases we are exploring – but we’re also happy to explore making -your- world a better place.

A group of independent parties cooperating

We believe wholeheartedly in sticking to our knitting, as such, the formation of ecosystems with lots of incredible partners aligns perfectly with our ethos. We believe bringing data together creates value that is more than the sum of its parts, for example when bringing weather and sensor data together whilst creating digital twins for sewer flooding, it enables a move from reactive to preemptive management.  

We also practice what we preach internally – when working with our teams on the unique parts of IOTICSpace that need to be excellent we gain focus, we ensure that we keep our core value at the heart of what we do. We leverage our fantastic network of complementary technology partners and SI’s, as necessary, to compliment our product and give us the ability to leverage the focus and brilliance of others. We want you to be able to do the same.

The good of society, the planet or for research

If you are trying to prove the value of your sensor in a city, or environment – could IOTICS give you access to additional data sources, help you cooperate with complimentary data providers to give a more complete picture of the environment you operate in – or even just scale into enterprise businesses in a secure way, as people become as excited as you are about the ecosystem you are building?  How much power does that bring to your world?

If you are trying to prove a concept or add greater context to your research or projects, then could sharing data openly and cooperating with people around the world that share your vision give your project more weight and more chance of success?

How can IOTICS help you?

Have you spent months, or even years, looking at the same challenges and are contemplating sharing your data with a university, or consortium of organisations in order to see if other people can address the challenges differently? Do you want to be able to securely share the data that you need to, but still protect your organisation, reusing integration points to allow others to explore– without lots of additional cost of work for yourself?

We want to support cooperative ecosystems to interoperate and work together in a way that’s simple.  Shouldn’t our technology work in the same way that we would in a room with a white board – it should be simple, effective, and does not take away from the goal of the project. We don’t want to be at the centre of every ecosystem, in fact, quite the opposite – our decentralised way of thinking allows ecosystems to have no centre.

We’d love to get you started on our programme today – please reach out to us at and let us see how we can help:

– Improve your ability to cooperate
– Reduce time to impact
– Just start and scale
– Interoperate with confidence
– Develop safe and secure communities




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