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Our first Data for Good project is well underway

Data for Good 13 May 2022 by IOTICS News

IOTICS selected the DigiTwin consortium as its first Data for Good candidate due to ground breaking research initiatives using digital twins.

Their ambition to revolutionise the way that dynamic real world problems are addressed via digital twins. They are involved in a number of ground breaking research initiatives which empower industries to explore the applications of digital twin technologies.

The initial use case being explored focuses on aircraft ground vibration tests, specifically sharing aircraft test data from 150 different sensors collaboratively and selectively. 

Each partner has an IOTICSpace which enables them to interact with the data collected and stored by the host partner remotely which can then be used for different applications and research topics. This means that the teams that are not working on site with the aircraft can interact with the data in a secure and timely manner, maintaining the integrity of the data and focusing on the components which provide use to their individual research specialities – finding what they need, when they need it.  

IOTICS enables business and developer users to use the same vocabulary to describe each of the Digital Twins’ data points, making it easy to find, access, catalogue and transform the data through the API and user interface. Furthermore, the twins’ data can be shared with and understood by any third party (human or machine), within and outside the same domain.  That means that each of the Digital Twins’ data points are now accurately and unambiguously described, making it easy for them to find the data they’re looking for and create knowledge graphs based on it.

As the data owner, they’re in the best position to define and structure their data and knowledge accurately, using their own terms and definitions. They have used a mix of existing public data definitions, known as ontologies, and created their own ontology for specialised content. This has enabled the consortium to start to embark on their journey to effective cross boundary data sharing.  

There is a lot of talk about standards across a number of the industries which we operate in, this approach enables organisations to get started with secure, selective data sharing now. The IOTICS approach negates the need to understand the future landscape because the structure in place is extensible. In the future, standards can be adhered to by updating ontologies and organisations such as Digitwin can share their data with any third party (human or machine) without previously agreeing on one global standard or language for all.

Are you part of a consortium that’s struggling to collaborate with your partners and innovate at scale? Read more about our data for good programme and find out how you could be our next candidate for a sponsored IOTICSpace.


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