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We want to help you change the world.

That's why IOTICS has launched the Data for Good Sponsorship Programme.

IOTICS is on a mission to create cooperative ecosystems for the public good. That's why we are investing in our Data for Good Sponsorship programme, funding spaces to accelerate speed to innovate. Enabling the creation of MVPs, projects and trials that can be reused and scaled.

How do my partners and I

Get Involved?

Are you creating or involved in an ecosystem for the public good? Apply today to see if we can support you on your journey, sponsoring your IOTICSpace and providing support and guidance on how to get the most from your cooperative data ecosystem, today.

Improved ability to collaborate

Reduced time to impact

Just start and scale

Interoperate with confidence

Safe and secure comminities

If you are trying to make an impact, cooperating across boundaries and need support with secure interoperability, we can help.

You can find out more about how IOTICS are enabling ecosystems with IOTICSpace or apply today to join the Data for Good Sponsorship Programme and get your community's sponsored IOTICSpace. All you need to do is tell us a bit about your community, what it is your trying to achieve and how our technology could help your developers get there faster and more securely.


''Challenges like reducing carbon emissions to net-zero and making society resilient to the physical effects of climate change are systemic and require systems-based solutions. And technology now makes systems-based thinking and action possible.''

- Flourishing Systems, CDBB

We see a coalition of like minded organisations and communities, striving to make data more accessible, interoperable and reusable, to share information and best practice, and to explore how new technologies can change our world for the better. IOTICS supports all of these initiatives and wants to do more to encourage communities, developers, living data labs, and organisations to just start creating their cooperative data ecosystems.


We created decentralised cyber-physical fabric for secure selective sharing of data. Now we're inviting you to join us on the journey. Model your data, choose who you share with and when, and start growign your data ecosystem.



Find out more about how IOTICSpace is enabling condition-based monitoring and enabling the creation of new value and data products from legacy systems

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