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NGN Customer Energy Village. Developing the zero-emission homes

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A ground-breaking research project using IOTICSpace to facilitate digital cooperation.


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Developing zero-emission homes

The Northern Gas Networks (NGN) Customer Energy Village is a custom-built development featuring nine classic British homes from different eras of the 20th century. ‘housing estate’ was built to create realistic household environments for testing cleaner, more sustainable domestic energy sources.

As society strives for ways to cut carbon emissions and slow the rate of climate change, this exciting new research project in Gateshead is leading the way in developing zero-emission homes. A range of carbon-slashing technologies is being tested in the Energy Village’s everyday homes to ensure future generations can live healthy, comfortable and fulfilling lives without relying on fossil fuels.

NGN’s Customer Energy Village project is a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ from the North East’s energy, business and academic sectors. The eyes of the world will be on Gateshead over the coming years as this prestigious research initiative searches for answers to humankind’s most pressing issue.

The initiative led by NGN, in partnership with 6 stakeholders are collaborating to find affordable and practical ways to decarbonise British homes.


IOTICS is proud to be part of that illustrious team — facilitating real-time communication and secure data sharing for everyone involved.

The ultimate goal of this exciting development and research project is to help the nation meet its legally binding Net Zero commitments by understanding which decarbonise which energy solutions work best in different housing stock. The use of hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas is just one of the research studies already underway at the NGN Customer Energy Village to offer further knowledge of how we can move forward in developing zero-emission homes.

Located in Gateshead, the Customer Energy Village is comprised of 1910 terraced houses, 1930s semi-detached houses, a 1950s bungalow, 1970s flats and a detached house from the 1990s.

As one of the most unique climate change research facilities in the world, NGN’s Customer Energy Village is expected to deliver highly accurate and contextualised results that may, ultimately, change the way people heat their homes forever.

Adapting Britain’s older housing stock to decarbonisation efforts is a crucial part of the UK’s Net Zero strategy. That’s why engineers, academics, scientists and various stakeholders are coming together to research realistic ways to move consumers onto low-carbon energy.

Keith Owen, Head of Systems Development at Northern Gas Networks said

‘We’re delighted to be working with IOTICS to provide us with valuable performance data from our Customer Energy Village. The village will help us understand the performance of different technologies and solutions to decarbonise homes and access to real-time digital data will play a vital role’


Avoiding data siloes is crucial to the success of the Energy Village.

Of course, a project like this involves data streams from multiple sources — all of which must be secure and accessed based on varying authority levels. But with multiple partners involved in this ground-breaking research project, the need for a “data marketplace” was considered a priority.

That’s why the NGN Energy Village turned to IOTICS. The provision of a customised IOTICSpace has helped this project to make data sharing and secure access to research findings relatively straightforward for everyone involved.


IOTICS prevents data siloes, promotes efficient data-sharing practices and prevents security breaches.

Find out more about the NGN Energy Village and its attempts to decarbonise Britain’s housing stock here. Or to discover how to improve selective sharing of metadata and data feeds within your organisation or project, you can learn more about IOTICSpace here.


Scale the learning process today.

One of the reasons the NGN Customer Energy Village turned to IOTICS for help was the project’s need for a scalable data-sharing solution that could be implemented immediately.

The creation of a dedicated IOTICSpace allowed all the partners in this crucial research project to begin sharing data and collaborating with minimal disruption. Each stakeholder was able to integrate IOTICS into their existing systems without the need for costly and disruptive IT changes.

Whatever industry you operate in, the seamless interoperability and selective data-sharing abilities offered by IOTICS can help your business move forward in a number of ways:

  • Implement IOTICS easily and quickly to avoid costly IT disruptions
  • Update data with ease to maximise trust and project results
  • No data duplication guarantees fast and reliable results
  • Slash your cloud storage costs by disposing of old or unused data
  • Keep data in existing systems to minimise the environmental impact of your projects
  • Update data quickly and in real-time — no duplication means more efficient data management


Why choose IOTICS for secure data sharing.

More and more organisations, collaborations and research projects rely on digital cooperation and the interoperability of systems. But when potentially sensitive or private data is involved, the need for selective sharing becomes paramount.


IOTICS is the ultimate data-sharing platform for digital cooperation. This powerful software allows you and your partners to present data in a standardised way. Because all of the data is held ‘at source’, you can avoid the costs and delays associated with presented data in multiple formats.

In short: IOTICS allows everyone with the appropriate access level to interact with the data they need — when they need it.

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