Digital Reflections Podcast – “METAVERSE….Why? Part 2

In Digital Cooperation with Digital Twin Fan Club

Podcasts 14 Oct 2022 by IOTICS News



METAVERSE….Why? This episode,  in association with Digital Twin Fan Club, saw some enthusiastic discussions around the idea of, if a virtual world is a positive, what are we using it for? IOTICS brought together an amazing panel to discuss this topic for the second part of the series.

Listen to Part 1 here



“We can all exist online, but sometimes it’s better to be in a place together”

Henry Fenby-Taylor  Digital Twin Fan club


“How might we delight, enchant our lives?”

Ali Nicholl, head of Engagement at IOTICS


“It’s the knowledge capture of what we are trying to look towards!”

Jonathan E., Senior Technical Fellow at AMRC


Listen to the episode here:

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