Enabling Data Ecosystems

Flourishing sustainable societies demand data be shared securely across trusted cooperative ecosystems.
IOTICS' patented technology is changing the way the world uses and shares data.

IOTICSpace enables you to change your world, rapidly driving data-driven efficiencies and delivering new revenue from data-powered propositions.


The Challenge of

Access and Security

Data is stored in silos, stagnating in legacy systems increasing business latency, delaying interventions and preventing proactive management. Today, data interactions mean direct system integration between all parties.

Point to point solutions are costly, duplicate data, and increase risk of failure. Fixed purpose approaches are difficult to scale and increase risk.

Centralisation of data in data lakes, data platforms, or ‘smart’ hubs requires users to relinquish control of their data. Existing data governance solutions and smart contracts take time, lack flexibility and can’t scale across marketplaces.

It’s not about making data public and open, it’s about sharing data at various levels of security.
- OpenTrainTimes

IOTICS enables organisations to create a composable business roadmap, by brokering interactions from the Edge to the Enterprise, providing Actionable Insights for data that is ‘of interest’.

- Fujitsu

The issue was that we didn’t see our products the way our customers do…We saw the world based on our technology and process, infrastructure and delivery methodology.

- Rolls-Royce Power Systems

We have all this equipment on sites, but no information about it… use it anywhere. Many of [the suppliers] offer us an app to monitor their bit of kit, but that’s not much use to us. The value of the IOTICS approach is that it’s made it easy for the team to connect different applications and help them work together.

- BAM Nuttall

Reduce Time

Cost & Risk

Data is the enabler for digital innovation, you need to be able to combine data sources from disparate, often incompatible systems, in a timely and highly secure manner.

Reduce delays from Data Lakes

Avoid cost of point to point API integration

Mitigate risk of adopting new technologies

Adapt without re-architecture or re-work

Smart & Flexible

Delivering successful data strategies and supporting Net Zero requires reinvention. Smarter more flexible solutions providing greater granularity of data at a wider range of operating conditions across partner systems.

Increase conversion of  MVPs to BAU

Accelerate IT & OT convergence

Leverage legacy systems, mitigating risks

Scale to support digital transformation



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