Green Hydrogen and the SHAPE-UK project

How IOTICS enabled Portsmouth International Port to go green

Transport 19 Apr 2022 by Jane Edwards

Decarbonisation is a major challenge that leaders across all industries face. The main three sources of climate-warming emissions come from transportation, electricity generation and industry. Those in the maritime sector are stepping up to the challenge to transition to cleaner fuelsMany companies and countries are making substantial investments into achieving their net zero goals, one major investment being green hydrogen.

Why green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen fuel is created using a process called electrolysis, where hydrogen gas is separated from water. Clean water vapour and heat is its only by-product when burned. Green Hydrogen has the potential to provide a clean power source to the transportation, and logistics industry, including aviation which will help us transition away from the use of fossil fuels.

Energy efficiency and renewable power is essential to the transport industry. The government has a Clean Maritime plan which details their plans to tackle air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The clean maritime demonstrator competition is at the beating heart of all things green shipping. Funded by innovate-UK, leaders in the maritime industry all strived to come up with revolutionary projects that would pave the way for a net zero future.


Amongst the winners of the competition, was the Shipping, Hydrogen and Port Ecosystems project, also known as the SHAPE-UK project. The project would enable Portsmouth International Port to become carbon neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2050

IOTICS created a digital twin ecosystem of the port which enabled data from disparate sources to interrelate and interoperate, even across organisational boundaries. The digital twin ecosystem allowed multiple parties centred around a busy port to exchange data securely

What was once thought to be impossible is now happening in the real world. SHAPE-UK is just the beginning. Dr. David Hutchinson from Portsmouth University expressed his excitement for the potential digital twin ecosystems brings,

“It will allow us to try new ideas and facilitate innovation without the huge immediate capital costs that are so often a block to achieving rapid decarbonisation.” 

Will you step up and be a leader in the decarbonisation of your industry? Contact us to find out how. 



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