Digital Reflections Podcast – “How can we use data and technology to make our cities and places smart?”

Podcasts 8 Aug 2022 by Jane Edwards



This episode features the recent Smart Cities World webinar in association with IOTICS which saw some fascinating discussions around the topic of smart places. IOTICS brought together an amazing panel of experts to discuss this topic.



“The exclusive purpose of the built environment is to enable people and nature to flourish together”

Melissa Zanocco OBE is head of programmes for the Infrastructure Client Group. She discusses the importance of bringing together the built environment and the natural world.

“Data is really the fabric that enables that decision making in terms of the realities and potentialities”

Molly Blatchley-Lewis, Global Cities, Transport & Infrastructure – Europe Lead for Accenture emphasised the importance of making data-driven decisions.

IOTICS’ own Head of Engagement, Ali Nicholl, suggested cooperation could be the key to building smart, “enchanted” places in the “natural and built environment”

“The best and most flourishing cities are melting pots of individuals and organisations”


Listen to the episode here:

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Recently, Smart Cities World published a report in association with IOTICS on breaking down silos and confronting the challenges of smart places. Read the full report on the ground breaking research on smart places, real life examples, and much more here


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