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NOT good at sharing
Educational 21 Sep 2022

Bad at sharing

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with a friend for coffee.  He is a highly experienced data practitioner and published author in the topic of Machine Learning.  During our conversation I brought up the topic of data sharing – specifically in the context of multiple organisations choosing to share data either in a cooperative sense or through some sort of marketplace.  His…

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Educational21 Sep 2022
Bad at sharing

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with a friend for coffee. He is...

Educational7 Sep 2022
It’s incredible how things have changed.

Back in the late 2000’s I recall requesting the purchase of a server in order...

News23 Aug 2022
IOTICS & Optimal partnership announced to increase the value of data in asset management

IOTICS and Optimal are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining...

Our Partners23 Aug 2022

The importance of accurate data for improving asset reliability. In many industries, maintenance costs, asset...

Educational16 Aug 2022

Digital Twin capabilities We have created a short video to demonstrate how to build a...

Use Cases10 Aug 2022
Data in the air – Air Quality Monitoring and the journey to Net Zero with SHAPE-UK

SHAPE-UK is a trailblazing project in proving net zero ports and effective air quality monitoring....

Podcasts8 Aug 2022
Digital Reflections Podcast – “How can we use data and technology to make our cities and places smart?”

    This episode features the recent Smart Cities World webinar in association with IOTICS which saw some fascinating...

Utilities18 Jul 2022
Why smart water infrastructure is the backbone of smart cities

Smart cities are often hailed as an approach for overcoming the problems of today. Whether...

Utilities5 Jul 2022
The Challenges of Achieving Water Sustainability

The challenge With water demand rising and the threat of extreme weather increasing, cities are...


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