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Podcasts 27 Sep 2023

Welcome to the NEW series of The IOTICS Podcast

Listen here Episode 8 Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Simon Evans, Global Digital Energy Leader at ARUP This episode is for you if you would like to learn more about how embracing technology and data can enable us to build a flourishing society by bringing people together to ‘collaborate on the rules and compete in the game’. Simon Evans discusses his role…

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Defence12 Sep 2023
The Challenge of cooperation in the defence sector

The Challenge of cooperation. IOTICS is working with some of the key stakeholders in the...

Defence1 Aug 2023
Reflecting on the Defence Command Paper Refresh 2023

The Defence Command Paper Refresh (DCP23) has been released. As the paper itself points out...

Defence21 Jul 2023
DI23: a clarion call

Driving Adoption of Trusted Interoperability & Digital Cooperation at IOTICS. DI23: a clarion call The...

Defence21 Jul 2023
Data Fabric for Data-driven Decision Advantage in Defence

Data-driven Decision Advantage in Defence     'You’ve got to be able to share your...


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