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IOTICS are proud to partner with Fujitsu, an organisation whose vision of the challenges and opportunities that world faces aligns with our goals and mission.

Our Partners 12 Nov 2021 by IOTICS News

Fujitsu recently outlined how No manufacturer is an island. Manufacturers globally need strategic partnerships and an aim to benefit wider society. Sound familiar? From our founding Paul Green, Mark Wharton and Ian Orrock saw how relevant the famous 1623 quote is to today’s technology (in fact co-inventor Mark Wharton wrote about it in his recent article Digital twins in the open).

Fujitsu has been evolving as a company for the best part of a century. Founded in 1935 to deliver ubiquitous technology and device solutions, they’ve since become a global leader in the tech industry. Today, their goal is to deliver sustainability through systematic change across the supply and demand chains and by evolving trust in society through innovation. At IOTICS we recognise like minded individuals, systemic change is only possible through continuous iterative evolution. 

They’ve set a vision for what they call ‘society 5.0’ which they believe will transform enterprises and supply chains and by effect, wider society to deliver co-created, sustainable approaches. They describe it as, “an ultra-smart networked global community”. It’s systematic change, a ‘factory reset’, as they described it, after COVID-19.

The revolutionary idea of a new society seems at first glance to be different from the just start and scale approach that IOTICS encourages enterprises to adopt. However, the biggest reset is a mental one. Knowing the way things are is not the way they have to be, and that co-creation, collaboration is the only way to deliver sustainable ecosystems that are good for people, the planet and frankly profit. As partners, IOTICS and Fujitsu are working towards a sustainable future together co-creating cooperative ecosystems. John Hicklin at IOTICS said,

“We believe that enterprises should do what is achievable with what they have today and start the journey of working towards making environmental, social or societal change,” he said. “We appreciate the fact that we have partners like Fujitsu who are on the journey to empower enterprises to make positive impacts.” 

At the core of it, Fujitsu care about what matters. They have a detailed, three part vision of how they plan to contribute to a decarbonised society. They’ve even gone a step further than most companies with ambitions for net zero carbon emissions and dropped the ‘net’ part, aiming to have zero carbon emissions altogether, switching entirely to renewables. 

Despite the difference in scale, both IOTICS and Fujitsu are fans of the technology that can help us achieve these things. Less talk, more enabling ecosystems in a variety of industries to maximise energy efficiency. As Chris Humphries at Fujitsu said “IOTICS enables organizations to create a composable business roadmap, by brokering interactions from the Edge to the Enterprise providing Actionable Insights for data that is ‘of interest.’” 

In a post-COVID world where politicians and business leaders are grappling with complex environmental and societal challenges and evolving requirements, powerful partnerships are forming. They’re forming between businesses who want to liberate innovative Digital Business Leaders to enact the changes they want to make, to make the impact they know they can to their organisations and their industries – building ecosystems and trust in society. 

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