IOTICS Joins Digital Twin Consortium

News 26 Mar 2021 by Ali Nicholl

IOTICS  is proud to announce that we have joined the Digital Twin Consortium, a global ecosystem of users centered around influencing the development of digital twin technology and demonstrating its evolving value and capabilities. Members of the Consortium establish guidelines, publish reference frameworks, develop requirements for new standards and share use cases to maximize the benefits of digital twins.


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The Consortium provides the unique opportunity to unify digital twin users and developers into a definitive resource hub for more effective collaboration and leadership and for more consistent definitions and language surrounding all things digital twin. The Consortium seeks to create cross-industry digital twin reference architectures and definitions intended to streamline and unify the way we talk about and utilize this technology.

We believe that digital twin technology is the best way to redefine digital ecosystems from a client-driven perspective. The more collaborative work that is done surrounding interoperability between communities of users and digital twin technologies, the greater the evolution of the client experience.

The digital twin isn’t simply a new way to visualize your assets, but a unique way to allow for the secure exchange of data across nearly any industry and any platform. The digital twin creates a virtualization of any data point — people, places, processes, things — that can communicate with other data points efficiently and without compromising the original data source. Their power lies not in what they can physically show us, but how they can securely and meaningfully interact with each other and, in doing so, create secure, scalable, adaptable digital ecosystems.

As digital twin technology advances, it becomes increasingly important that there be a set of best practices and standard requirements in place that allow any business or organization centered around digital twin technology to best fulfill their clients’ goals. The Digital Twin Consortium seeks to emphasize this technology as a legitimate, innovative option for businesses seeking integrated solutions to issues of interoperability, secure data sharing, decentralized data, and more.

This premiere community is the authority on digital twin technology and, we believe, will play a large role in the advancement of digital twin technology from a global perspective.

Together with the Consortium, IOTICS is excited to seek out meaningful relationships and connections within the digital twin industry that allow us to continue our mission of enabling a new world of trusted data communities. Just as digital twins are strengthened and empowered by a vast network of connections, so are we.


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