IOTICS joins the MULTOS Consortium

News 27 May 2021 by Ali Nicholl

The MULTOS Consortium, a group of international blue chip organisations responsible for the promotion and development of the MULTOS specifications, announced today that IOTICS, an innovative software company supplying pioneering Digital Twin technology, has joined as a Partner Member.

As a member, IOTICS will participate in the MULTOS Business and Technical Architecture Groups which will allow them to contribute towards the development and growth of MULTOS whilst benefiting from the Consortium’s marketing, technical, and networking resources with members that span the secure payments, digital identity, IoT and smart device industries. 

IOTICS are a team of inventors, engineers, developers and pathfinders. Their product, IOTICSpace, is enabling secure, trusted data interactions for everything and everyone, dynamically, at scale. In IOTICSpace data becomes findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable through Digital Twins. In IOTICSpace Digital Twins virtualize any asset, data point, algorithm, place, or process providing a unique way to allow for the secure exchange of data across nearly any industry and any platform. Virtual Digital Twins enable data to be communicated between sources and consumers without compromising the original data sources. Their power lies not in what they can physically show, but how they can securely and meaningfully interact with each other and in doing so, create secure, scalable, adaptable digital ecosystems.

As Digital Twin technology advances and as cyber-crime evolves, it is becoming increasingly important to secure data sources and exchanges, providing trusted authentication, integrity validation, confidentiality, and ensuring non repudiation. MULTOS technology is an ideal solution to deliver this robust protection for Digital Twins and their related data, and the collaboration of MULTOS and IOTICS will help expand the use cases for Digital Twin technology. With ever increasing threats developing from hackers in the connected IT world, security solutions of a high grade offered by the MULTOS technology are likely to be in ever greater demand. 

John Hicklin, Partnership Development Director at IOTICS said “We are delighted to join the established global MULTOS Consortium and look forward to continuing our collaborative work to enhance solutions in the Digital Twin markets. Our longer-term vision is for networks of interoperable Twins, and the data interactions they enable, to be incorporated into every single technology stack. Our vision is to change the way the world uses and shares data, providing the secure space, IOTICSpace, for the data interactions that underpin digital transformation and deliver return on investment for our customers. Leveraging robust security solutions such as MULTOS are key to delivering that vision.”


Paul Wilson, Commercial Manager of the MULTOS Consortium said “IOTICS are a dynamic and innovative technology supplier and a welcome partner to the MULTOS Consortium and eco-system. The Digital Twin market has been forecast to expand significantly over the next few years fuelled by the rising demand for cloud-based platforms, the growing popularity of internet of things (IoT), and an increase in the demand for cost-effective solutions for industrial manufacturing. Frequent cyber-attacks pose a challenge to the Digital Twin market and we are pleased to support IOTICS with the proven security of MULTOS.”


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