IOTICS wins Telecoms and IoT Award in NTT DATA’s international Open Innovation Contest

News 3 Feb 2020 by Ali Nicholl

UK tech start-ups shine in global innovation awards

Digital twin and digital ecosystem enablement specialist IOTICS was declared Champion of the Telecoms and IoT Domain at the recent Grand Finale of the global NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest in Tokyo. IOTICS’ success comes as part of a highly successful delegation of four UK finalist companies, along with Digital Fineprint, Anomalous Technologies and Unmanned Life.

IOTICS had previously been named winners of the London Regional Contest of the 10th NTT DATA Innovation Contest, to uncover disruptive ideas and innovation from global tech start-up companies that have ‘true potential to change the world’. IOTICS was one of 28 finalists, produced from the regional contests in 16 cities on four continents, pioneering a wide range of technologies from AI and automation to IoT and Fintech.

IOTICS’ Telecoms and IoT Award was is recognition of its advanced digital twin technology, which enables digital ecosystems of assets, objects, companies and people to interact automatically and securely across corporate boundaries. Customers including Roll-Royce Power Systems are already using IOTICS technology to power digital ecosystems in the manufacturing, transport, construction and healthcare sectors to overcome fractured, inflexible IT infrastructures.

Tom Winstanley, VP New Ventures & Innovation at NTT DATA UK said of IOTICS’ victory, “IOTICS are addressing a real and growing challenge: how to rapidly combine digital twins across organisational barriers to create new services and insights for their clients and to create smart ecosystems. This ambition matches the NTT Group’s agenda and industry focus perfectly. IOTICS speaks to the NTT Group vision to enable a smart society through digital twin computing and a sustainable photonic network and computing infrastructure, framed in our R&D programme IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Networks) and is a welcome addition to our partner network in the UK.”

We are very proud of the technology and team that we have developed at IOTICS and delighted to have been recognised with this prestige international award by NTT DATA. We were honoured to be a finalist alongside 27 of the world’s most innovative start-ups and technologies. The Grand Finale was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and see how, together we can deliver ground-breaking new services, solve previously intractable challenges and change the world. We look forward to collaborating with NTT DATA, enabling digital ecosystems that deliver the Win-Win-Win for IOTICS, NTT Group, and the customers they support.

A great night for UK Innovators

In addition to IOTICS’ success, other UK finalists walked away with awards. Digital Fineprint was declared Champion of the  Insurance Domain, and continuing a fantastic competition for UK innovators, Anomalous Technologies, the AI visual inspection company,  was  the recipient of the Zamma-award for outstanding pitch, named after Mr Kotaro Zamma, head of innovation at NTT DATA, who founded the awards.

Ali Nicholl, IOTICS’ Head of Engagement who accepted the award, said, “It was a great privilege to be part of the finals in such a highly-respected global contest for innovation and winning the Telecoms & IoT Domain Award is powerful endorsement of our technology and its potential to deliver disruption. As importantly, the whole event has been a fantastic reflection on the strength and vibrancy of the UK’s tech start-up community and its ability to compete on a global stage.”

Tom Winstanley, VP New Ventures & Innovation at NTT DATA UK added, “The UK is home to some of the world’s best talent and through our contest we can help to bring their technological innovation to the global stage and identify the unique ideas that will make a real impact on our clients’ business’ and society at large.”

Anomalous CEO, Euan Wielewski said: “I’m proud of our progress to date and am looking forward to pushing forward with our ambitious plans for 2020. We already have excellent relationships with some of the world’s largest aerospace companies. To expand into the Asia Pacific market would be a step forward in our mission to become the de facto standard tool for aerospace visual inspection.”

The Open Innovation Contest 10 Grand Champion was Israel-based for a solution that measures overall health and wellness simply by using a smartphone video to analyse a person’s cheek. Kotaro Zamma, Head of NTT DATA’s Open Innovation and Business Incubation, said,

“Our annual contest demonstrates that innovation is progressing everywhere, from advanced countries to emerging countries. Issues vary greatly from one region to the next, so different start-ups using the same technology can come up with very different solutions.”


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