A secure cloud-hosted environment enabling trusted ecosystems to evolve.
Filtering what matters at source and channeling it to where it's needed.

An ecosystem built on data interactions

In IOTICSpace data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable and Secure. IOTICS creates Digital Twins, virtual versions of anything (assets, data, algorithms) to enable secure interactions across decentralised networks. Distributed identity and semantics means that data can be found and interactions brokered globally by machines, as well as individuals. Creating extensible flexible multi-party ecosystems.


Balancing between secure and open data systems. Selective data sharing between twins enables choice of the right data, at the right time for  the right person.


Twins turn data systems into a web of sources. Integrated once data and twins can be used and reused for multiple applications, users, and services.


Focus on self-sovereignty and clear separation between metadata and data. Enabling dissimilar data to be shared within and across ecosystems at scale.


Confidently exchange data across low trust networks

Each party’s twins are secured in spaces. Each space has permissions. Each twin has permissions.


Consolidate high-value data and create a single gateway to information for future applications. Minimize reliance on legacy data silos, transform internal operations and reduce costs

Increase effectiveness and performance

Create specific, consistent, accurate, real-time views of an asset across its entire lifecycle. Leverage insights from across the value chain reducing business risk.

Self Sovereignty

Each party is autonomous in deciding whether an interaction can be established or not, and when to interrupt it  - entirely based on the other party's identity and metadata.

Future Ready

Create a consistent data ontology and securely democratize data across your enterprise. Infrastructure agnostic, avoid technological redundancy without rearchitecting.



The next generation of opportunities are built on ecosystems. Circular economies that generate new business models and require new data exchange processes.

Deliver Value Fast

Implement scalable building blocks for your data strategy. Feed BI/Analytics tools with real time analyzed data from IOTICSpace and historic data from individual applications.

Boundless Ecosystems

Securely extend your ecosystem with data interactions. Rapidly adopt innovative operational technologies and interoperate with legacy IT systems.

Cooperative Transformation

Locate the right data from different systems and sources. External users are able to see the data in the format useful to them, not dictated by the system source.

Fabrizio Cannizzo
Chief Architect
Educational 7 Nov 2022

The engine of the new data economy

Synopsis Organisations need to cooperate globally and must form a data economy The Data economy is rooted in transforming data into value within and outside the enterprise Value transfer is not only about data sharing but also sharing information and insights, plus action orchestration Technologies like IOTICS make it possible to effectively create and transfer value across boundaries and at a global scale Introduction…

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“Less than 5% of data-sharing programs will correctly identify and locate trusted data sources.”

- Gartner

Access and


Everything is virtualized

Anything in IOTICSpace is virtual. Twins that produce data are virtual, Twins that consume data are virtual. Attack surfaces are reduced, limiting them to only the virtual Twins.

The Twin is in control of its own destiny

The Twin is in control of what data it shares and when. Limits the attack vectors to only the brokered interactions. Interactions can be removed by the data owner.

Everything is Decentralized

Individual IOTICSpaces are a connected mesh of nodes that form a network. Increases resilience as parts of the network can be removed without compromising the entire network.


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