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We’ve always been intrigued by the power of ‘and’ - unlocking
the potential of interactions to change the world.


When we interact we create new ideas and do new things. When anything can exchange data with any thing, safely and securely, across boundaries we can solve the most difficult problems we face as individuals, enterprises and communities.

In 2012, Co-Founder Paul Green saw the rise of ‘smart’ systems and solutions. Approaches that weren’t liberating users and organisations, but constraining them. While the Internet had democratized data for people, big data platforms offered insights and analysis, but users lost control of their assets. Paul asked a simple question “What if enterprises, systems, communities, even cities were smart not because they manage and control everything, but because their data, assets, services and facilities became securely accessible?”

In the interplay between seeing statues of antiquity - embodiments of the kings and gods, imbued with all their authority and power - and the writing of a theology essay, Paul envisaged an architecture. An architecture that would allow ecosystems of dissimilar services, diverse real-time data and unrelated things, to interact safely at a global scale.



“...if the sculpture of the king is not the king, and the sculpture of the god is not the god, but the two sculptures are in the same room together... Could we build a space where a virtual version of a thing and a virtual version of another thing could meet and interact.”

The vision of virtualized versions of producers and consumers of data, securely interoperating materialized as patented technology when Paul’s vision and Mark Wharton’s experience interacted in 2013. Mark distilled inspiration from Jackson System Development, Interface Description Language, global real-time Operating Systems and semantics to envisage how virtual entities, digital twins, could safely interact without being able to affect each other.

Developing the safe space where digital twins of anything can securely interact to exchange data across ecosystems of partners has been IOTICS’ journey ever since.


The inventors and their Co-Founders Ian and Andrew built out a team of engineers, developers, and pathfinders who aspire to enable the world to change. Inspiring talent to join the journey and growing the IOTICS community of visionary customers, partners, investors and collaborators.

“IOTICS is a leader in interoperable technology, which is the biggest evolution of data management since relational databases. This technology will underpin future digital transformation projects…enabling companies to integrate their data streams much more easily, securely and flexibly, and at any level of scale. “
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