Smart Cities World Insight report – Boosting operations in smart places with cooperative data ecosystems

News 23 May 2022 by Gemma Beard

Smart Cities World published a report in association with IOTICS on breaking down silos and confronting the challenges of today through smart places. 

Read the full report on the ground breaking research on smart places, real life examples, and much more. Read the full report here

What makes a city smart? 

The main objective of a smart city is to make complex cities easier to understand and therefore enabling the optimisation of city functions. Connectivity and data are key components needed to innovate around some of the challenges we face, including energy and environmental issues along with mobility. 

Research has shown that data needs to become more accessible in order to unlock value. Paul Green, IOTICS co-inventor said:

“Cities are creative, vibrant places and I want all of the data in a city or space to be part of that creative melting pot, not stuck in a bunch of silos for people to control.”

Data ecosystems can liberate silos and enable the creation of smart places that are more than the sum of their parts. Smart places like this are already becoming a reality. For example, Portsmouth International Port is using digital twin technology to share data securely and effectively. Principal port project manager, Anisa Koci said:

“We are able to make data available dynamically from all sorts of sources in and around the port because our living lab includes an ecosystem of digital twins which share data securely.”

Want to learn more about smart cities and places?

Watch The Smart Cities World hosted webinar with IOTICS, “How can we use data and technology to make our cities and places smart?” Watch it on demand

Featuring Molly Blatchley-Lewis. Melissa Zanocco OBE and Ali Nicholl.

The panel explore this topic in more detail.  as they take us through the challenges of getting secure and accessible data reaching the decision makers and operators at the right time. How can smart places solve issues systematically and how can data enable those solutions?


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