Smart Flexible Utilities Networks

Enabling digitalisation and interoperability of network data

Use Cases 21 Oct 2021 by Gemma Beard

Smart flexible networks that support net zero.

“A smart and flexible system is one which uses smart technologies to provide flexibility to the system, to balance supply and demand and manage constraints on the network.” – OFGEM

Distribution network operators (DNOs) are transitioning to distribution system operators (DSOs), this seemingly simple transformation disguises huge technical challenges.

DSOs are expected to deliver the smart flexible management demanded; create new markets in cooperation with innovators and communities; capture, process and share network data – all while ensuring security across their ecosystems.


Key data challenges in achieving DNOs’ vision

“Those that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics. But, less than 5% of data-sharing programs will correctly identify and locate trusted data sources.” – Gartner

As DNOs look to make the transition to DSOs there are immediate barriers and future challenges in ensuring


A new approach – Digital Twins & FAIR Data

Millions of connected devices – electric vehicles, smart appliances and sensors, heat pumps, wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage will need to seamlessly interoperate across the network. This will drive huge change in how the system responds to more complex and flexible energy flows requiring greater degress of  automation, data exchange and artificial intelligence to manage them.

IOTICS’ patented, cloud-hosted technology, IOTICSpace, enables digital ecosystems of assets – people, places, processes or things – to interoperate securely, within and beyond organisational boundaries with confidence.

  • 20% efficiency

  • Potential £m’s in savings

In IOTICSpace data is secure, findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Digital Twins, virtual versions of anything (assets, data, algorithms), enable secure interactions across decentralised networks. IOTICSpace enables trusted data interactions in evolving ecosystems for everything and everyone, in real-time, at scale.


Just start and scale – the time to act is now

To deliver new models in 2023,
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