The Challenge of finding stuff

Educational 20 Jun 2021 by Ali Nicholl

The Borrowers is a delightful children’s book and it made for a great movie starring Jim Broadbent. It is a brilliant concept that the reason you can’t find anything is because there are little people in your house taking things all the times. Appealing as it is, we know it’s not true. We need to take personal responsibility for losing our stuff. It would be better if we invested making things findable, rather just blaming others – often our actual co-habitants. Putting bills in files as they arrive, keeping bookshelves in order and giving some thought to how a search engine could find things on our PC is a start. We just need to make it easy to find what we want, when we want it, especially as we have updates, changes and additions all the time. My study is a testimony to the challenge.

The same principles apply to data and information in organizations. It is held in a structureless store in the hope it might be useful one day or locked up in systems designed by people who have long left the business. This becomes a major problem in today’s world where timely decisions need to be made with relevant and current information driven by data. The right information at the right time for the right person. IOTICS helps you to do just that, enabling you to know what you need to know when you need it. In a world that is immediate, looking in the rear view mirror is not the best way to drive. Connecting you to your sources of data and enabling your systems to be updated as you and your colleagues need, without undertaking complex data processing, IOTICS innovative digital data mesh makes it simple.

That’s not the whole story in a world awash with data, as we know from other frustrations we have at home, losing our keys, the search for the right light bulbs for our fittings and our efforts in recycling,. I will return to these themes another time. However, for now I will address the challenges of my study and that recent credit card bill I missed. I am sure a Borrower has run off with it!


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