‘The Shape of Everything’ at IOT World Congress 2023.

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Transport 2 Mar 2023 by Jane Edwards

IOTICS attended IOT Solutions World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. The theme for this year’s leading global event was ‘Game-changing technologies for industry transformation’. A team from IOTICS and Portsmouth International Port travelled to the event and delivered a presentation entitled ‘The Shape of Everything’, highlighting the port’s digital transformation and journey to Net Zero.

‘The Shape of Everything’

The presentation by Elly Howe, Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator at Portsmouth International Port and Mark Wharton Co-founder, Inventor IOTICS, discusses the SHAPE UK project which received an award of £1.5 million to develop and demonstrate a Green Hydrogen energy system and identify the logistical barriers faced with the implementation of green hydrogen.

IOTICS was commissioned to overcome these logistical barriers with the implementation of digital cooperation, utilising digital twins and data sharing to optimise operations.

The project is supporting Portsmouth International Ports transition into a zero-emissions port by 2050.


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