Webinar: How can we use data and technology to make our cities and places smart?

Smart Cities World hosted a webinar with IOTICS

Smart Places 28 Jun 2022 by IOTICS News

“How can we use data and technology to make our cities and places smart?”

On the 21st of June 2022 Smart Cities World hosted a webinar with IOTICS.

A panel of experts helped us to explore this topic in more detail. Watch it on demand as they take us through the challenges of getting secure and accessible data reaching the decision makers and operators at the right time. How can smart places solve issues systematically and how can data enable those solutions?

“Data is the fabric that enables decision making,” says Global Cities, Transport & Infrastructure – Europe Lead for Accenture-UK, Molly Blatchley-Lewis.

Sustainability is driving a smart places revolution and will be the catalyst for effective data sharing ecosystems. 






Smart places are all about “enabling people and nature to flourish together,” says Head of Programmes at Infrastructure Client groups, Melissa Zanocco OBE. protecting and restoring biodiversity and building a circular economy will be central to the considerations on smart places, she said. 





Building smart, “enchanted” places in the natural and built environment takes a bit of cooperation, says  Ali Nicholl, Head of Engagement at IOTICS

He cites the fact that cities are a diverse melting pot as the reason why agreeing on the general direction of travel as opposed to agreeing the outcome upfront as the key to success in building smart “enchanted” places. 

“The best and most flourishing cities are melting pots of individuals and organisations coming together,” he said, explaining the need for a framework where different parties can create interactions that allow us to thrive. 

The discussion saw a diversity of opinion on the way smart places will come to be. Some believe a top down approach of setting common standards is a necessity while others believe it’s important to agree on the general direction of travel as opposed to agreeing the outcome upfront, creating a more bottom up approach. It was clear, however, that connected smart places that can derive value from interactions and deliver insights that guide us towards holistic solutions is the future. 

You can read the full report on the ground breaking research on smart places, real life examples, and much more here; Insight Report: Boosting operations in smart places with cooperative data ecosystems By SmartCitiesWorld in association with IOTICS

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