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Podcasts 27 Sep 2023 by IOTICS News

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Episode 8

Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Simon Evans, Global Digital Energy Leader at ARUP

This episode is for you if you would like to learn more about how embracing technology and data can enable us to build a flourishing society by bringing people together to ‘collaborate on the rules and compete in the game’.

Simon Evans discusses his role within the digital twin community including his role as chair of the Gemini Call, as part of the DT hub and his work with the Nation Grid virtual energy system along with how ARUP is working to enable a range of sectors to begin a ‘technology transformation’.

You can connect with Simon Evans via LinkedIn.

Episode 7

Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Ian Gordon, Data and Information Leader in the Built Environment

This episode is for you if you would like to learn more about how data is shaping the built environment.

Ian Gordon discusses his work with data in the built environment and working on major projects like The Highways agency, Network Rail and the House of Parliament. This insightful conversation explores complex ideas, like ‘induced demand’ and the difference in the tacit and explicit knowledge cycle.

You can connect with Ian Gordon via LinkedIn.


Episode 6

Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Louise Donaghey FRAeS, Services Programmes Director at Rolls-Royce, Defence.

This episode is for you if you would like to learn more about indicators like Jet Zero and the mission of working towards Net Zero in both civil and military aviation.

Louise Donaghey discusses some of the initiative she is part of at Rolls Royce and the collaboration with organisations such as the UK Ministry of Defence, the Royal Air Force. Airbus and BP on its ground-breaking project to power the Typhoon by SAF alone.

You can connect with Louise Donaghey via LinkedIn.

Episode 5

Our usual host Ali Nicholl takes a turn on the other side of the recording studio chatting with Meghan Davies, Head of Marketing at IOTICS about what he’s seeing across the the Data Space and Digital Twin community.

‘How do you work with a company where 9 days out of 10 you are competitors with them?’

Ali discusses how thinking ‘IOTIC-ly’ enables cooperation, accessibility and reusability of data to bring about innovative thinking and using data for the greater good. Discover how trusted interoperability has enabled our customers and partners to overcome challenges in their industries.


Episode 4

To celebrate the summer, we are delighted to share our bonus podcast episode!
Mark Wharton talks to Ali Nicholl about the inception of IOTICS and how data really can change the world.

Mark reflects on his 10 years at IOTICS and the vision of virtualized versions of producers and consumers of data, securely interoperating across and between organisations seeking to make informed decisions based on real data from their ecosystem, leading to better outcomes for citizens, communities, and the planet.

These are the founding principles of why we believe in confronting challenges head-on, working with partners and customers who share our mindset with groups of organisations to achieve their collective goals of sustainability, impact and resilience by enabling them to share data and information securely and selectively across boundaries.


Episode 3

Elly Howe joins Ali Nicholl to talk about her inspiring, world-changing work at Portsmouth International Port. Portsmouth is on an ambitious journey to become carbon net neutral by 2030 and emissions free by 2050. Elly’s role involves identifying, developing and championing projects to drive the port towards its sustainability goals smartly and efficiently.

Elly is a student with The Open University, currently studying toward a degree in Environmental Science, and her personal journey and view of the world are inspirational.

This episode is for you if you are interested in hearing about how a complex ecosystem like a port leverages previously unfindable data and insights to make significant progress and plans towards achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

To find out more about how Portsmouth International Port and IOTICS are working together, watch Elly’s presentation at IoT World Congress 2023 here.

Episode 2


Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Professor John Erkoyuncu, who is Professor of Digital Engineering for Centre of Digital Engineering and Manufacturing at Cranfield University.

This episode is for you if you are curious about the real and tangible ways that digital technologies like Digital Twins, AI, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning can change the world, not just in emerging industries, but in traditional ones too.

How can industries leverage digital engineering to make better informed and so more effective decisions? How can organisations such as the NHS use digital capabilities in a meaningful way to address their challenges and problems?

Professor John and his team at Cranfield have worked with a wide variety of organisations such as the NHS, the MoD, Siemens, Unilever, BAE Systems and Babcock International to facilitate the adoption of digital technologies.

The conversation focuses on his experience, and includes discussions around cross-sector learnings, changing mindsets, and e-noses (you’ll need to listen in! 👃)

You can connect with Professor John Erkoyuncu via LinkedIn and find out more about his work here.

Episode 1


Ali Nicholl talks to Rich Walker, a Data and Analytics Leader with a passion for helping public services improve outcomes through the better use of data. Rich has 15 years’ experience of working across central, regional and local government, policing, health and education, and he understands the importance of strategic and operational context for deploying data and analytics capabilities across ecosystems. Rich shares lessons learned throughout his career in organisations such as the Greater London Authority, KPMG, and Agilisys, and explains the challenges and opportunities associated with realising the potential of data and analytics for the public sector. If you are someone currently facing these types of challenges in your organisation or ecosystem, we hope you will find this an interesting, inspiring, and reassuring listen.


This is Episode One in a new series of the IOTICS Podcast. IOTICS technology enables ecosystems of people, places and assets to interoperate with confidence through virtualisation. We help groups of organisations to achieve their collective goals of sustainability, impact and resilience by enabling them to share data and information securely and selectively across boundaries.

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