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Podcasts 10 May 2023 by Jane Edwards


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Join Ali Nicholl as he talks to Rich Walker, a Data and Analytics Leader with a passion for helping public services improve outcomes through the better use of data. Rich has 15 years’ experience of working across central, regional and local government, policing, health and education, and he understands the importance of strategic and operational context for deploying data and analytics capabilities across ecosystems. Rich shares lessons learned throughout his career in organisations such as the Greater London Authority, KPMG, and Agilisys, and explains the challenges and opportunities associated with realising the potential of data and analytics for the public sector. If you are someone currently facing these types of challenges in your organisation or ecosystem, we hope you will find this an interesting, inspiring, and reassuring listen.


This is Episode One in a new series of the IOTICS Podcast. IOTICS technology enables ecosystems of people, places and assets to interoperate with confidence through virtualisation. We help groups of organisations to achieve their collective goals of sustainability, impact and resilience by enabling them to share data and information securely and selectively across boundaries.

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