What is the IOTICS architecture paradigm?

“Coopetition” - a term used to describe cooperation between business competitors in the hope of mutually beneficial results. It’s an ideal way of working, but how is it possible?

Educational 20 Nov 2021 by Fabrizio Cannizzo

Enabling assets to seamlessly and securely interact in cooperative ecosystems across and between enterprises. IOTICS’ unique architecture enables organisations to just start and scale regardless of how big or small the requirement.

Here’s how our approach and digital tool, IOTICSpace, enable anyone to interoperate with confidence:

  • Each user has their own IOTICSpace containing one or more digital twins. This space acts as a gateway to a wider data ecosystem. Any asset, process or even person can be digitised and made into semantic models. These twins can be used internally or shared with other parts of the ecosystem as the user wishes.
  • Digital twins can interoperate with each other by providing a secure gateway to the assets’ data and metadata. The assets data and metadata are semantically modeled to allow for machine findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability, also known as the FAIR data model. In other words, you can use IOTICS to make your assets’ data FAIR.
  • IOTICS uses a decentralised network. This enables the secure formation of data ecosystems that allows parties to join existing ecosystems with their IOTICSpace and leave the ecosystem without causing disruption to other parties. Decentralised ecosystems also allow parties to share data selectively with others as well as manage their presence to fit with their own data governance policy.
  • Physical assets can interact with each other through their digital twins. Twins can access each other’s metadata and make informed decisions about whether or not an interaction should happen. data and commands exchanges are intercepted by the twin logic before making any changes to the real asset. Custom logic can be built into the digital twin with the effect of enhancing the assets performance and compensating for its limitations.
  • Security is at the core of IOTICS. Real assets interactions are mediated by twins, acting as gateways. IOTICS security infrastructure allows interactions between digital twins to be securely brokered by allowing each party to be in control of its own end of the interaction.
  • The IOTICS model allows streaming analytics driven by semantics. People and computers can discover relevant data and assets and access real time analytics about them.
  • IOTICS leverages cloud to provide a low cost solution to hosting the IOTICSpace but allows leveraging existing investments by allowing deployment of custom logic on prem.

“Open Data is no longer a new concept and has become the ‘new normal’ for many government departments and businesses, especially the railway.  We’re evolving that concept further now – it’s not about making data public and open, it’s more generically about sharing data at various levels of security. The railway is a complex system, with lots of raw feeds of data which are loosely related to other data sets.  Aligning these sets of data to present a set of coherent, up-to-date views of operations, is tricky and many organisations have spent vast amounts of time doing this work in isolation. IOTICS have come up with a digital twin product which can solve both problems.  Rather than being a solution in itself, it’s an ‘enabler’ platform which handles secure data sharing and distribution really well.”

Peter Hicks, Open Train Times


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