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Data for Good 22 Dec 2021 by Gemma Beard

In October we launched the Data for Good sponsorship programme. The programme was created to empower ecosystems of innovators with the tools they need to interoperate across boundaries and accelerate their innovation. 

The programme sponsors not-for-profit consortia who aspire to create data ecosystems for public good such as environmental benefit, research and innovation. To read more about what ‘good’ means to IOTICS you can check out our article here.

As part of the programme we provide IOTICSpace, and facilitate secure data exchange between different sources and partners, enabling each of them to retain control of their own data while selectively sharing and interoperating with others. This capability enables others to build a solid foundation for their projects to succeed. Enabling data for the greater good. 

Despite the recency of the project we have already begun offering our first wave of sponsorships, onboarding users. We believe we can change the way the world uses and shares data and we want others to join us on the journey.  

At IOTICS, we believe cooperation is how we solve previously intractable problems. We have a wide range of partners whom we strive towards similar goals with. We’re taking action to make a difference to the world’s problems such as climate breakdown and infrastructure

The Data For Good programme was created by an inspiring team led by Partner Account Manager, Gemma Beard and Director Product Management, Erika Le Doze. Gemma spearheads the programme, qualifying and selecting consortia and Erika is responsible for the technical fit and user experience. 

Having only joined the company in July 2021, Gemma has already made a significant contribution to IOTICS with the Data for Good Programme, “It’s nice to be doing something that’s so overarchingly positive and that everyone’s really encouraging about,” she said. “It’s been great to have something to get my teeth stuck into and that I’ve had the ability to shape.”

There’s never been a better time to join the IOTICS team, Erika explained the progress the team has made over the last few years, “We’ve had some amazing people, like Gemma, who have joined the team recently. Having these people coming in with fresh eyes helps us to do things differently.”

Motivated by her passion for sustainability, Gemma expressed how interesting working on Data for Good is, “I like working with people and I like doing different projects,” she said. “I’m excited by innovation.”

“Having people take our software and applying it to the most extraordinary use cases is awesome,” said Erika, agreeing with Gemma that “no two days are the same.” 

Working with the IOTICS team on data for good has been one of the highlights, says Gemma,  “We bounce off each other really well,” she said. “We’re a very pragmatic team, we just want to enable great things to happen,” added Erika. 

“The project wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team,” said Erika. “Our Chief Architect, Fabrizio Cannizzo and Co-Inventor Mark Wharton have done some amazing work in bringing the use cases to life. There’s room for everyone, from across the company, to make a meaningful contribution to Data for Good.” 

If you’d like to be a part of our team at IOTICS and work on projects like Data for Good we’d love to hear from you. Click here to see our open positions.  



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